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Mint Exotic Drape Leotard

Mint Exotic Drape Leotard

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The LDW Drape leotard features straps that come flat over the shoulders to the back and a striking twist in the front, offering an elegant appearance. This leotard is designed to 'stay in place with every movement.' Its design ensures stability during activities, providing a unique experience that combines both style and functionality. The meticulous design not only delivers an aesthetically pleasing look but also offers comfort and support during wear. 

LDW is a boutique dance brand in Turkey.
LDW is very committed to “breathing new life into the dance clothing sector” 

Experience ballet bliss in LDW's premium leotard, a divine fusion of 60% cotton, and 40% Lycra. Revel in comfort and flexibility as soft cotton meets the stretch of Lycra, ensuring a flawless balance of style and performance. This leotard effortlessly transitions from studio to stage. Elevate your dance journey with the epitome of elegance and function.

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